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For a woman to become a high-flyer in corporate life, she’s traditionally had to work twice as hard and be twice as talented as a man — and even then there are still problems. One that can have surprisingly far-reaching effects is how to dress. All too often in the past it’s seemed to be a choice between denying your femininity to come over as tough or emphasising it and risk being patronised.

There are alternatives, though, and requirements such as these are at the core of why Bianca Blu was set up.


What Bianca Blu Is All About

One of the motivations for establishing Bianca Blu is that I’ve been in very much this position. I worked in the London financial sector, and was often frustrated that I couldn’t find outfits that were smart and professional, but at the same time used inventive, flattering cuts. The choice seemed to be between a rather staid, traditional look and an unconventional trendiness that would be inappropriate for the sector.

The clothes Bianca Blu is producing are created from the highest-quality Italian fabrics and tailored to emphasise the strength of being feminine.

Corregio Shirt

The Corregio Shirt offers the perfect blend of power-dressing with a feminine twist. The classic design is slim cut to be form fitting, with crystal buttons and cufflinks that feature crystal details.

It’s vital for a shirt to be comfortable if you’re going to make a great impression in it, and the Corregio Shirt’s 97% cotton ensures that. This is a shirt to wear in the board room or for client meetings that will ensure you catch the eye for all the right reasons.

Fidenza Skirt

A great shirt needs a skirt to match, and the perfect complement to the Corregio Shirt is the Fidenza Skirt. A form-fitting black skirt with a pencil silhouette, this is made from a premium-quality Italian wool blend that stretches for comfort.

The skirt is a simple, strong statement, but features a detailed front that will enhance your look at any formal event.

Completing the look

A black and white combination gives a strong, professional look, but you don’t want to come over as too severe. A splash of pop-up colour in your high heels, combined with your favourite lip gloss, will remind people that you’re not only a powerful, capable professional — you’re a woman who’s all of these.

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